Link Centre Support Groups

Groupwork Programme in Schools

The Personal Development Group Work Programme is offered to all our Outreach Schools across Belfast. This programme aims to help young people increase their self-awareness and self-esteem by encouraging the development and understanding of personal, interpersonal and team skills. The programme helps young people better understand their own skills and abilities as well as how they relate to others. It seeks to encourage the development of positive relationships, by challenging perceptions and prejudices, working to improve communication skills and social skills. Increasing confidence is another aim of the programme. The Group Work is delivered in an informal way with an underlying theme of respect throughout.

Young Men/Young Women's Groups

These are alternative programmes of support offered by SPSS that bring together young people from both sides of the community to work on issues and topics that are relevant to them at that point in their lives. Very much led by the young people, attendance is voluntary. The programme involves work and discussion based activities in a safe environment as well as various team building, social, fun and challenging trips. There is also an opportunity for the young people to undertake accredited courses.

Summer Link

The Summer Link has been in existence for the past 7 years and is offered as a reward and acknowledgement of success for young people who had a significant effort following their Link Centre placement and have maintained a place in school. The provision has extended recently to be offered to young people who have worked with outreach support in school or availed of Relaxation in the Link Centre. It provides the young people with structured, fun and challenging activities that will take them outside their comfort zone and in turn help increase confidence and self-esteem. It provides the young people with positive experiences and they also get to meet new people and form new friendships.

The Residential Group

This involves taking a group of young people away for a time where they learn to try new experiences, challenge themselves socially, physically and emotionally, increase their confidence and self-esteem and essentially learn to be more resilient.

Link Centre Alternative Programmes & Groupwork

The Link Centre Alternative Programmes are arranged and delivered by our Youth Workers. They comprise of Young Men’s and Young Women’s Group, a Summer Scheme and a Residential Group.